A renowned Poet-Scholar and Writer/ Columnist, Radio Host and Author of 36 Books and son of a great poet of Pakistan named Syed Abdul Sattar Mufti

Poetic Name(Takhallus): Ibn-e-Mufti


He was born   Sialkot in March 05 and lives in Houston USA. His full name is Syed Ayaz Mufti. He is a leading modern Urdu poet, Naat-Go and Naat reciter and an author of 36 books of poetry and prose. He is considered very respectable Poet, Columnist, Writer, Radio Host and the best Nazim for poetry gatherings especially with his Manzoom Nizamat.  Recently he made  a poetic organization of USA named Anjuman Taqdees-e-Adab . He belongs to a Poetic and literary family and his father is considered an Authoritative person in poetry and was a counter-part of Saghar Siddiqui  and actual Baani of Anjuman Taqdees-e-Adab in Lahore..

Early Education:

Government Middle School Samundri- Faisalabad

Government HIgh School Samundri- Faisalabad

Higher Education:

FSC from Government Degree College Samundri – District Faisalabad

Masters in International Relations from University of Karachi-Sindh

Doctorate in Homeopathic Medical Science from Karachi Central Homeopathic Medical Sciences Institute


He wrote the first book at his 20th year of age  named Farq-e-Seen Sheen.
Rahbar-O-Rahnuma -his firstNaatia Majmooa Kalaam- a poetry book published in 2007
Farq-e-Seen Sheen – a harmonious book to  bring Muslims together(Urdu)
How can we Stay as Millat-e-Wahida (English)
Tair-e-Hijrat……….(in process)
Besakhta—-His Off-hand poetry book published in 2015
Qous-e-Qazah……..under publication
Fikr-e-Aam…Another book for off-hand poetry
Zamee’n Azad….Azad Poetry based book
Gulhaye Sadrung…. 2015- A book that is a collection of almost 26 Majmooa -e-Kalaam of Different poets including his own and of his Father
Taqdees-e-Auzaan- A book that is written for the new students of Urdu Poetry.

He published 08 Urdu Mujallahs/Souvenirs after holding very gigantic poetic gathering in USA.
He  is Editor of Daily Insaf news and was Assistant Editor of Asia International and interviewed many celebrities of the world like Begum Nusrat Bhutto, Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, and Sports legend Jan Sher Khan, Zarak Khan and Ex-President of Sipah-e-Sahaba. Editor-in-Chief of yearly Magzine named TAQDEES…

Ibn-e-Mufti  migrated to USA in  1993 and currently resides in Houston, a city of Texas.
Ibn-e-Mufti’s Naats has been recited by Paksitan’s one of the topnotch Naat reciters including Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardi  and others

Ibn-e-Mufti made Taqdees-e-Adab in 2012 thus reviving his father’s Poetic organization made in the early 80’s by his Father Syed Abdul Sattar Mufti.

In 2012, he was interviewed by Express News – TV, and Kawish TV New York and in 2014; he was exclusively interviewed by Velayat TV- USA for an hour.

He started hosting an Urdu program on Asian Television Network in 2013-2014 named Radio Taqdees-e-Adab


Hassan Bin Thabit Award – 2014
Best Naat Khawan Award -2011
Alami Manzoom Nizamat Award- 2013
Best Adabi Award in 2010
Special Recognition Award for his Book by Bazm-e-Adab USA
Vilayat Radio Award – 2014
Best Ghazal Reciter Award 2013 by Karwan-e-Adab USA
Abdul Sattar Mufti Award –by Karwan-e-Adab Lahore


 He is best known for his poetry, for his Ghazal, his Columns and Naat reciting and for his Nizamat and columns. People from different states call him to recite his poetry and Naats. As he has very melodious voice


He did participate in many World-based international Mushairas and recited his poetry in the presence of Rahat Indori, Ahmed Faraz, Munawwar Rana, Hanif Akhgar, Khushbir Singh Shad, Sarfaraz Shahid, Arif Imam, Irfan Danish- Shakil Ghaus, Abbas Tabish, Qamar Naqvi, Wasim Brailvi, Gulzar Dehlvi, Kaleem Ajiz, Fatema Hassan, Khalid Khaja, Irfan Murtaza, Farhat Shehzad, Peerzada Qasim, Amjad Islam Amjad, Sabiha Saba and Khalid Irfan, Khamkhaw Hyderabadi and Saghar Khayyami and many others.


Recently Rekhta.Org added her as a renowned poet and he is the 2nd poet of Houston that got this honor after Arif Imam. His poetry was added in in 2016. Similarly  Aalmi Urdu Ghar Site also added him on its site.


Address: 4806 Dove Springs Dr. Houston TX 77066 Contact:

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